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Please tune in to Oprah, this Wednesday, October 6th.  Be ready to be amazed!  There is an awesome young lady I happen to know who has done some pretty amazing things in such a short period of time.

She is smart.   Determined.  Courageous.  And has a Voice that speaks Volumes.  Her name is Erin Merryn.  She has already written two outstanding books.  Her first book was self-published when she was a senior in high school, her second published last fall. 

“Erin has now moved into political action. Earlier this year, Merryn reached out to Illinois legislators about the need for schools to adopt age-appropriate curriculum on child sexual abuse. Republican state senator Tim Bivins championed what became known as “Erin’s Law,” which passed the state senate unanimously. The legislation, which is expected to be taken up by the House in November, would create a task force to devise strategies for reducing child sexual abuse throughout the state and permit school boards to implement similar measures. The aim is to bring into the classroom (for students from pre-K through fifth grade) what is seldom discussed openly: that even trusted family members and friends can pose a threat to their well-being. Teachers would also be trained to recognize warning signs that their students have been sexually abused, including mood swings or acting distant at odd times, and be able to tell students where to go for assistance if they have been victimized.” (courtesy of www.time.com)

To inform you Erin has a heart of gold, is quite the understatement.  Please tune to Oprah this Wednesday and listen to this powerful interview.  Listen to find out how you may be able to help your community.  Having some tissues close by, may be in order

Please check out Erin’s website, purchase one of her books, and please, help support Erin’s Law.