They say a dog is “Mans best friend”.

Missy was so much more than that.  She was a part of our family.

It was April 9, 1998.  My son was 11 years old at the time and had been wanting a puppy.  My son had done some prodding to obtain a dog (that is quite an understatement).  I, being the mushy mother at the time (having moved my son and I out-of-state to live with the man I loved) gave in on the idea of the new dog, with some hesitancy from Joe.

The three of us gathered in the car to head to the Humane Society to see what kind of dogs were available.  “Just to look”.  Yeah right!  It didn’t take long before my son spotted her.  And all three of us fell in love immediately!  We knew instantly she was  a member of our family.  “We’ll take her!”  We informed the staff.

Missy was a mere three months old when she first placed her paws into our home.  She was the easiest dog to train, only had one accident while house training her!  Never had any issues with her.  She loved children, loved to go for walks, and just so easy to please.  She even loved to share her bedding with the cats.

She had the most gentle soul.  You could trust her with your grandchildren. 

When it was time for my son to move to college, Missy came along for the drive to see him off to school.

When it was time to move to the mountains of Virginia, I think this is where Missy was happiest.  She loved the ponds.  Missy would try to catch the fish.  She never did, that I know of, but she sure did love trying!  She loved walking out in the fields with the horses.  She loved just sitting outside in the fresh air.  One day, she even saved me from a ground-hog!  Of course, in her mind, it was going to attack me! lol  She would chase squirrels and bark at everything in sight. 

She loved going for hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains with our husky, Cheyann.  We miss Cheyann too.  Now the two of them can play together, once again.  Missy always welcomed new members of our pet family – with welcome paws!

We have a german shepherd who was also by her side with me when she passed. 

I will miss her love.  I will miss her protection.  I will miss her bark.  I will miss her paw being placed over my arm, just as she did as she was passing away.


Rest in Peace Missy

1/1/1998 – 10/14/2010