The holidays can be a tremendous strain on many of us.  But for those that are in an abusive relationship, it can be unimaginable to those that have never experienced it.  I, for one, can’t imagine what life is like without those nightmares in my life.  But I am a much stronger person because of them.

I tried to explain to a friend of mine years ago what living with an abusive husband was like – and I remember her not understanding.  She also didn’t understand why it took me so long to get out of the relationship(s).  Then years later, while speaking in many classrooms about domestic abuse and in front of crowds about my own past history, it really dawned on me.   Trying to explain ‘living in that darkness’ to someone who has never experienced such horrific details, is honestly like speaking French to someone who only understands English.  It is wonderful they may never have experienced such abuse, but hopefully they will also show compassion to those that suffer at the hands of monsters.  It really isn’t until you explain to them about healthy relationships, boundaries, self-respect, that the ‘lightbulb’ moment happens. 

Same thing happened to me.  That’s when I found freedom.

Awareness is key to this horrible epidemic.  Please read below about the Holidays and Abusive Relationships an article I wrote in the Examiner.com and check out the really cool PSA that Kenny Wallace did with his high school sweetheart he married years ago!  I, for one, truly appreciated it!  Merry Christmas everyone!

Holidays and Abusive Relationships